Friday, September 27, 2013

TM Unlimited Internet Promo: SUPERSURF

Looking for 1-day Unlimited Mobile Internet promo? There is one from TM.
Introducing, TM SUPERSURF. Unlimited mobile internet connection for as low as Php 50.00,valid for 1-day. You can surf and browse the net, anytime, anywhere just using your own mobile phone.
Now connecting with friends in Facebook, in Twitter, even researching for projects and homeworks through out the web is not a problem anymore. No need to go to any computer shop because you can make it directly using your mobile phones!. 
How to register to TM SuperSurf? 
Follow the simply instructions below.
  • Php 50.00 load
  • TM SIM/Subscribers
  • Mobile phone with activated GPRS/3G
If your GPRS/3G is not yet activated, follow the instruction to activate it.
How to activate TM GPRS/MMS/3G?
  • Type or text GO and send to 2951 
  • Restart your phone.
If the above instructions didn't work, you can also:
  • Call TM's hotline number 808 and ask them to activate your GPRS.
  • You might need to restart your phone to enable GPRS
  • Or you can try this, ACTIVATE.

You can subscribe or register to Unlimited Internet by simply choosing HOW many days you want to subscribe. 
There are 2 registrations. One is for 1-day and the other one is for 5-days Unlimited mobile internet. 
You can do it by simply texting:

SUPERSURF50 and send it to 8888
This Unlimited Mobile Internet promo is valid only for 1-day.
or you can also choose

SUPERSURF200 and send it to 8888
This Unlimited Mobile Internet Promo is valid for 5-days. This is much cheaper if you are planning to surf and browse the net for the whole weekdays, from Monday to Friday.

  • After registering, please wait for the confirmation code saying that you are now already subscribe to SUPERSURF.
  • Once you received the confirmation, you can now enjoy browsing and surfing the net for 1-day or for 5-days, it depends on what promo you registered.
  • Text message will be sent if your subscription is already expired.
  • You can check the status of your subscription by simply texting SUPERSURF STATUS and send it to 8888. This text service is FREE.
  • If you want to cancel your registration, you can do it by simply texting SUPERSURF STOP and send it to 8888. You subscription will be stop and cancel. This is also charged as FREE.

*This promo is for TM/Globe Subscribers. Available nationwide.


  1. how many MB of supersurf50?

    1. i guess it's 800MB a day... :)

    2. they already remove the cap off

    3. No they didn't

  2. ilan speed? 3g ba?

  3. is skype chat included in the promo?

  4. sobrang bagal kainis..syang lang 50

  5. dapat walang limit. una 1mbps pag kalipas ng isang uras 5kbps na.... ano ba yan kainis..

  6. pwede po bah mka gamit ng skype?

  7. is skype included in this promo?

  8. Bakit kaya tipid na tipid ang pagbbgay ng magandang service ng internet nd ba pwdng lakihan naman ang download data imbes kbps gawin man lang mbps para namjn mag enjoy ang lahat haysstt..

  9. Nakakapikon nmAn Kung Kelan naka supersurf 200 sAka nman ang bagal...natuwa pa nman ako kasi ang lakas nung free data...tapos nung nagload eto na..

  10. Tae 800mb lang sana pag Unlimited want to sawa walang hangganan o data consume.ok lang ang 1day Tapos bakit laging lag ang network sayang naman mga pera namin walang magandang serbisyo eh mabagal pa Tsk

  11. sinabe pang unli pero may limit din. nag youtube lang ako may nag message na parang babagalan daw or ibababa yung limit ko kasi unfair daw sa ibang naka promo. sana wag nyo sabihin unli kung may limit din.

  12. scam tong ginagawa nila. unli daw eh 800 mb lang naman